There are several styles, CR Gutters, Inc has one of the largest selections of continuous rain gutters in our area.

We offer 2×3 corrugated, 3×4 or 4×6 corrugated, smooth 2×3 and 3×4, 3” round and 4” round.
5” Kline continuous gutters are your most common style for standard homes. Most of the time these residential gutters will work just fine. If you have larger roof area, tile roof, or metal roofs we suggest 6” Wide Bottom, 6” Kline Gutters or 6” Box. These gutters have a larger opening at the mouth and are deeper to handle more rain water run off or overshooting on steep sloped roofs. The Wide Bottom Fascia gutters or 6” Box gutters have a more modern flat face and are aesthetically pleasing on more contemporary homes. The 6” Kline is a more traditional gutter and is very versatile and holds a lot of water along with the other 6” products. The 6” Box gutter is a custom look and this product is a more rare gutter to find but we have it! The 6” Half round gutters are a wonderful look on custom homes or homes that are looking for an older look but can be very modern at the same time. CR Gutters is among a handful of gutter companies in the area that actually own this continuous gutter machine and can manufacture these gutters on site to custom lengths with hand crafted custom miters. Most other companies need to purchase these in sections to install new gutters on your home which leaves seams to leak and pre manufactured corners. For your commercial projects such as Office space, warehouses, and schools we offer 7” commercial Box gutters.
We have 28 custom colors at no extra charge!

CR Gutters, Inc. has been family owned and operated for over 38 years! We use only the best products on the market. We also are the only gutter company that offers an 8 Year warranty on our installation. Our superior installation products and process include the following

Hidden Hangers and screws for a more secure attachment, Spike will loosen over time and have to be installed thru the face of the gutter. Ours are hidden so you don’t see the attachment.
Vulkum sealer which is flexible and will contract and expand with your gutters to lessen the probability of leaks in the future.
Custom hand crafted corners on site, not premanufactured pieces.
Screws instead of nails into your siding for our downspout attachments.
Reward programs for our employees for customer service over and above
Baked on Enamel finish gutters.
No extra charge for any of our stock colors.
8 year installation warranty.

This is a questions we get asked all the time by homeowners!  Yes it does help but we don’t tell people it’s a no clean solution like most companies do.  We have found that being honest with our customers and providing them with the knowledge of how gutter guards actually work they will be informed to make the decision that works best for them

The facts!

  • Debris will collect on top of your gutter guards, dry up and blow off.
  • We all live in Washington and it is a wet state so debris will stick to your gutter guards more than in a dry climate.
  • Cleaning the top of the gutter guards should be done yearly when you blow your roof off you should blow off these gutter guards also.
  • It is easier to blow off the guards and in some cases can even be done from the ground.
  • Cleaning out the gutters is much harder that blowing off the gutter guard.  It is not just the gutters that need to be scoped out, the downspouts will get clogged at the elbow and in the pipe.  This can also create problems in your underground drain system.
  • In our opinion there is no gutter guard out there that will be able to make claims that their product is perfect and if you have to clean your gutters we will come out for free.  I have heard multiple times about these companies making these claims then never showing up.

No product is perfect in this state but we definitely believe it helps cut your maintenance by 80% and it is worth it.

If you compare new gutters to paint, roofing, siding, and windows gutters are by far the least expensive maintenance you can do to your home.


Why is it important to keep my gutters free of debris?

If the gutter is full of debris it will weigh down the gutters and possibly pull screws and hanger devices from your structure. Debris sitting in gutters deteriorate sealer and joints causing leaks, downspout holes become clogged it can cause your gutter to fill up with water over flow and in severe cases cause the gutter to loosen or fall of the home.

How often should you have your system cleaned and inspected?

It is important to have your system cleaned and inspected at least once a year after all the leaves have fallen off the trees.

What is the average cost to have your gutters cleaned?

The cost varies depending on how long it has been since your gutters have been cleaned and how many linear feet of gutter you have. A one story home costs approximately $250.00 on average. (Current as of June 2019 – check with your estimator at time of quote for more details.)

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